October 2012

Dear Valued T-Mobile USA Customer,

First, let me start by thanking you for being a loyal T-Mobile USA customer. As you know, at T-Mobile, we are committed to delivering value through our best-in-class products, services, and experiences. We recently took an important step forward to bolster these efforts.

As you may have heard, T-Mobile will combine with MetroPCS to create a bigger, better, bolder U.S. wireless provider, which will retain the T-Mobile name. The combined entity will be a new, publicly traded company called T-Mobile that will be the premier challenger in the U.S. marketplace by providing the best value for your full range of needs, including contract and no annual contract services.

What’s most exciting about this news is what it means for you—our customers. Let me tell you how we’re going to the next level with this game-changing transaction:

  • You’ve come to us for amazingly fast and reliable 4G services—we’re going to offer you even more amazing 4G services by rolling out a national LTE network with even greater speed and capacity. And we heard you when you said you wanted increased reliability and deeper network coverage—as a result of this transaction, we’re going to provide you with access to a denser, higher-capacity network, including deep LTE coverage in key metropolitan areas in 2013.
  • We know you’re attracted to T-Mobile because of our value-driven service plans and broad device portfolio. With our combination with MetroPCS, we will be able to offer you an even wider selection of affordable products and services, such as contract, no annual contract, SIM only, pay-as-you-go, and mobile broadband, and our most compelling lineup of devices—be they phones, tablets, hot spots, or other future networked devices.
  • We shook up the marketplace with our unlimited 4G data plans—we’re going to continue to change the way wireless is done with our creative, compelling, and unique 4G plans, including T-Mobile’s Unlimited Nationwide 4G, MetroPCS’ 4G for All, and the industry’s first Bring Your Own Device plan.

This is a terrific opportunity for two companies that share a common commitment to innovation and customer service to come together to improve the way you communicate. While the transaction requires MetroPCS shareholder approval and customary regulatory approvals, we anticipate that the transaction will close in the first half of 2013. In the meantime, T-Mobile and MetroPCS will continue to operate as separate companies. After closing, T-Mobile will be a separate customer unit of the combined company.

We couldn’t be more excited about what the future holds for T-Mobile—and what T-Mobile’s future holds for you.


John Legere, President & CEO
T-Mobile USA


How will this affect my mobile service and experience?
Will you start selling MetroPCS products now?

Until the transaction closes, T-Mobile and MetroPCS will continue to operate as independent companies. After the acquisition, you can look forward to an enhanced customer experience through a wider selection of affordable products and services, deeper network coverage, and a clear-cut technology path to one common LTE network.

Will I have to upgrade my T-Mobile device after the acquisition?

T-Mobile has no plans to alter our network in any way that would make your device obsolete.

Are you still committed to making the network investments that were identified earlier this year?

Absolutely. We are fully committed to our $4 billion network modernization plan. This transaction makes our network story even stronger by adding spectrum in key metro areas and further improving urban and in-building coverage.

Will T-Mobile’s service quality or coverage and capacity be reduced when MetroPCS subscribers join the network?

Not at all. The existing T-Mobile network’s spectrum capacity, when combined with MetroPCS’s highly complementary spectrum position, will ensure a rapid transition and straightforward migration to the common LTE network. What’s more, our enhanced spectrum position will support our unlimited data offerings and enable us to deliver deep LTE and improve dense urban coverage for faster service.

Is this going to affect T-Mobile getting the iPhone?

T-Mobile will continue to operate as an independent company until the acquisition closes, and nothing has changed in terms of our interest in carrying the iPhone. T-Mobile’s unlocked iPhone strategy offers unlimited nationwide data, cost savings of $50/month vs. AT&T’s unlimited talk, text and 3 GB data plan, and nationwide coverage that’s only getting better—as well as trained sales staff in every branded retail store to help customers set up their compatible iPhone on T-Mobile service.

Will my rate plan change because of this acquisition?

Current T-Mobile customers will be able to keep their existing plans. And as a leading value carrier, the new company will continue to offer attractive, competitively priced plans to better serve the entire range of wireless needs, including contract, no annual contract, SIM only, pay-as-you-go, and mobile broadband plans.

Can I upgrade and/or pay my bill at MetroPCS stores?

Until the transaction closes, T-Mobile and MetroPCS will continue to operate as independent companies.

Where can I find more information?

For facts and details about T-Mobile, MetroPCS, and plans for how they will combine, visit the T-Mobile newsroom at www.T-Mobile.com/TMOnews.